Eternal duration of the Glory that surrounds God.

[H]aving received the Word of God, becomes the Eucharist, which is the body and blood of Christ; so also our bodies, being nourished by it, and deposited in the earth, and suffering decomposition there, shall rise at their appointed time, the Word of God granting them resurrection to the glory of God, even the Father, who freely gives to this mortal immortality, and to this corruptible incorruption, because the strength of God is made perfect in weakness, in order that we may never become puffed up, as if we had life from ourselves, and exalted against God, our minds becoming ungrateful; but learning by experience that we possess eternal duration from the excelling power of this Being, not from our own nature, we may neither undervalue that glory which surrounds God as He is, nor be ignorant of our own nature, but that we may know what God can effect, and what benefits man receives, and thus never wander from the true comprehension of things as they are, that is, both with regard to God and with regard to man.

Ireneaus,  Adversus Hereses V:2:3; ANF, p. 528

5 Responses to Eternal duration of the Glory that surrounds God.

  1. Photios Jones says:


    Indeed He is risen!

  2. Antonio says:

    Have a blessed Pascha!!!!
    And may God’s Mercy lead us all into “full communion”.

  3. David Richards says:

    Christ Is Risen!

  4. Sarah,

    “I shall deal with our rebel friends soon enough.” Moff Tarkin, Star Wars-Episode 5

  5. sarah hodges says:

    from wilson’s blog yesterday… “a very typical convert zeal”… “All the convert zeal aside,”

    I wonder if Tim Enloe can even bring himself to write a comment without the word “convert” in it?

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