Athanasius On The Divine Energies and Recapitulation

“The holy Word of the Father, then, almighty and all-perfect, uniting with the universe and having everywhere unfolded His own powers, and having illumined all, both things seen and things invisible, holds them together and binds them to Himself, having left nothing void of His own power, but on the contrary quickening and sustaining all things everywhere, each severally and all collectively; while He mingles in one the principles of all sensible existence, heat namely and cold and wet and dry, and causes them not to conflict, but to make up one concordant harmony. 2. By reason of Him and His power, fire does not fight with cold nor wet with dry, but principles mutually opposed, as if friendly and brotherly combine together, and give life to the things we see, and form the principles by which bodies exist. Obeying Him, even God the Word, things on earth have life and things in the heaven have their order.”

St. Athanasius, Against the Heathen, bk 3, sec. 42.

4 Responses to Athanasius On The Divine Energies and Recapitulation

  1. So the removal of “mutual opposition” is the annihilation of death and freedom from corruption?

  2. Rowe Sergent says:

    Check out Aristotle East and West:

    Discussion of the divine energies.

    Great book so far–I’m in the first chapter.

  3. Jack says:

    The mystery of the cross.

  4. William B says:

    I love it!

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