A Hostile Witness

Here is an interesting article, Michael A. Fahey, S.J., Eastern Synodal Traditions: Pertinence for Western Collegial Institutions that is currently being ignored by the folks over at Cathedra Unitatis, while they make much hay out of other articles from this collecton. It vindicates a number of criticisms regarding development in Catholicism that the Orthodox have made.

5 Responses to A Hostile Witness

  1. That was an excellent article. I am reminded of what the Melkite Patriarch said in a speech in Rome back in the Fall of 2001:

    “With all respect due to the Petrine ministry, the Patriarchal ministry is equal to it, ‘servatis servandis,’ in Eastern ecclesiology. [And] until this is taken into consideration by the Roman ecclesiology, no progress will be made in ecumenical dialogue.”

    I pray that the Eastern Catholic Churches continue the rather painful process of de-Latinization, so that they may fully recover their legitimate autonomy.

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  3. Or how about some help from Le Grande Inquisiteur…

  4. Death Bredon says:

    . . . one excellent article members of the old Frankish-Hapsburg House Religion ought to read before they simply get absorbed by choice (usually) or force (subtle social and legal persuasion) into new Unholy Roman Empire: the EU.

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