Ready or Not Here We Come!

Here are two upcoming conferences readers might be interested in. I will be attending the Chrysostom one in Saint Louis. I know Owen White of Ochlophobist fame will be there too. If any of you are interested in getting together with us poor souls, please let me know.

7 Responses to Ready or Not Here We Come!

  1. ochlophobist says:


    We should talk before the conference. I look forward to seeing you there.

  2. Sophocles says:


    I will not be able to attend this event.

    I looked at my calendar and realized that same weekend my priest, Father Eric, will be elevated to Arch Priest and I will be there instead at the Liturgy. Coupled with my responsiblities as the Parish Vice-President for this, I was asked today after Liturgy if my restaurant would cater the event as well so this clinched my indecision as to what I should do on September 30.

    Our Lord bless all of you and this event.

  3. Sophocles says:


    All in jest(the blogging thing) but I believe I will be at this event. I really look forward to it as well as the opportunity to get together with “the poor souls” in St. Louis. I will look at my schedule today and most likely register as well. I need to read up a bit on the roomate(double occupancy thing) as it seems to be a great deal for 240$(room, transportation, and meals)
    How is best to contact you, Perry, as I finalize?

  4. Perry Robinson says:


    That is what public libaries and coffee houses are for. I do have a mini-van and I might be able to help with some transportation but for the rest you are on your own.

  5. David Richards says:

    I wish I could afford to go. Y’all have fun now, ya hear?

  6. Sophocles says:


    If I should decide to go, does that mean you’ll let all of us(addicted) bloggers update our sites from your home during these days?

  7. AH says:

    here, here…

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