This weekend, including Monday, my parish, St. Nicholas in downtown St. Louis is having our annual festival. Is it the largest in the state. I work the book table (big suprise) and the Church tours. If you’re in the area, drop by, pick up some food, chat, and buy a book.

3 Responses to Opa!

  1. Greg DeLassus says:

    The food was very good, as it always is. We had friends visiting from out of town, as well, so we did the church tour. Nothing had changed since the last time that I did the tour, but it is still a very lovely church.

  2. God Bless.

    Let us know if you get any interesting questions, and what are the most common questions you get.

  3. So what book from your table do you recommend?

    I hope all attendants will be blessed by your Church festival.

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