Calvinists Before Calvin

“[The Manichees] are disturbed by the wickedness of spirit and the mortality of body, and so against this they endeavour to introduce another nature (that of malignant spirit and mortal body) which God has not made.”

Augustine, De Natura Boni II

4 Responses to Calvinists Before Calvin

  1. Ego,

    True as far as it goes, but the Manichean influence can be seen elsewhere, for example in the concept of matter as inherently unstable. It can also be seen in Augustine’s notion of beauty, which is in part of his later argument with manicheanism. They think the world is evil because it is ugly, but he argues for the beauty of the whole with ugly parts that contribute to the beauty of the whole. The conclusion isn’t Manichean, but the over all framework still is.

  2. egomakarios says:

    Augustine never truly left Manicheanism. That’s where the doctrine of inherited guilt and Calvinistic election originated, was with Augustine. And he got it from Manicheanism, not from the Bible and not from any earlier ‘father.’

  3. JKC says:

    I don’t mean to unlovingly hijack this thread with silly nauseating nonsense , but I really would love to know, WHERE’S THE NEWCASTLE I JUST OPENED?

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