Cats and Dogs Living Together

I fully expect a full scale Klingon invasion soon after seeing this.

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  1. Benito Musolini is credited to have said: “The day I can build a basilica in Mecca will be the day I will allow the Mohammedens build a mosque in Rome.”

    To add one more bit of food for thought, the monks of St. Catherine Monastery in Mt. Sinai employ Bedouin workers who do their cooking for them and other jobs around the grounds.

    They had a mosque built on their grounds for their use around the 10th or 11th centuries during the Fatimid dynasty in Egypt.

  2. Greg DeLassus says:

    I do not think that Muslims make salaat in St Francis Xavier; indeed, I imagine that the pews in there would make it awkward. They do, however, use the chapel in the med school for that purpose.

  3. Michael,

    Muslims invading, disease on the rise, heresy in the church. Things seem pretty much the same for Rome as they did 500 years ago.


    I don’t go to St. Xavier so I wouldn’t know. And it is odd that the muslims would do so at SLU since they have a pre-existing Mosque on campus. As for SLU, I would like more details if you have them. I woud like to do something if I could to change the situation.

    As for churches in that part of the world. Take the church of Saint Nicholas. Yes, THE church of THE St. Nicholas. The state shut it down and the Orthodox can’t use it, but the local imam can use it for whatever he likes, especially tours charging money which of course goes into his pocket while the christians languish.

  4. Perry:

    The Klingons would be no threat if the Federation were not having to deal with the Borg and the Dominion. I’ll leave it to your imagination who the latter two are from an orthodox Catholic standpoint. 🙂

    Let it be said, though, that the Orthodox are neither.


  5. Greg DeLassus says:

    Three brief responses:

    1) I am totally against Muslims being allowed to make salaat in Catholic churches. That said…

    2) I am somewhat surprised that Mr Robinson would wait until he saw the linked newspaper report to make this remark, as this is going on much closer to him than the Italian church mentioned in that article. This sort of thing happens several times a day at St Louis Univ.

    3) Come to that, I remember sitting in my dentist’s office a number of years back an leafing through a back issue of National Geographic. It had a story about a Greek Orthodox monastary somewhere in Anatolia. The domestics who worked in the monastary were mostly Muslims and there was a picture in the article of these Muslim Turks making salaat in the monstary’s chapel. I suppose that this was made easier by the lack of pews Orthodox churches.

    In summary, while I think that this is a bad thing, it has been going on for a good long while without the Klingon invasion occuring.

  6. Cyril says:

    Might as well ask here with the cats and dogs: Photios and Perry, is there a way to number the posts? I realize that as with other blogs, the necessity may arise to delete offendicles, and thus skewing the divine order of things, but it seems that having numbered posts makes it easy for cross-referencing when we do post (for those of us who do when we find the time).


  7. George says:

    Hey waitaminute… how can Muslims pray before an icon, I thought they vigorously prohibit images. (?)

  8. Matthew Markovich says:

    Death Bredon where did you go? What happened to your blog?

  9. Death Bredon says:

    Usually the Muslims come with a prayer rug and pray before an icon of St. George — not during a service. They are well-behaved individual guests making private prayer and supplications.

    Here in North America, Arab-American Muslims often attend funerals and memorial services for Arab-American Orthodox Christians. But again, they are very proper and respectful guests.

  10. lee,

    Yes its Palpatine.

  11. Lee says:

    Perry – are you talking about your WordPress avatar? I’ve been wondering about that – is that Palpatine? I can’t quite tell…

  12. Cyril,

    Think of it in Freudian terms. Ya gotta kill your father. Hence my icon.

  13. Cyril says:


    I am shocked, shocked that you would have the galling insensitivity to to say such things of the Anglicans. Why don’t you know that …. Oh, Anglicans, right! Never mind.


  14. Lee,

    Yes, I have. Seems fairly typical of the theological gobbldy-gook in Anglicanism today.

  15. DB,

    In what capacity? Have they held islamic services? Or did they just pray qua visitor? And if the former was this done to give in to Islamic dominance or some other reason?

  16. Lee says:

    Perry – have you heard about this?

    This is the response from her bishop.

  17. Death Bredon says:

    Muslims have commonly prayed in Orthodox Churches, especially those dedicated to St. George, in parts of the Middle East for centuries. Better hold up on that Klingon Invasion.

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