The Captivity of St. Nicholas

The Orthodox can’t use it, but the Muslims can make a profit from it. And what’s to stop the Sodomites from getting in on the act?

Some relief from “secular Turkey.” If you live in the free West, just imagine having to get permission from the “secular” Muslim state to use your own church. And the difference between Jim Crow and this is…?

Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

10 Responses to The Captivity of St. Nicholas

  1. Neo,

    I’d like to keep this post on topic, but I’ll answer you with a question. Does evil have an explanation? And is that the same as thinking that there is an explanation for why evil occurs? Something to think about.

  2. EP crew,

    Do you think Orthodox theology can ground hope and show why we (in principle) lack epistemic access to an ultimate/complete explanation for the existence of (excessive) nondisciplinary evil or do you think that we can deduce *the* answer from the reality of created personhood?

  3. Militus,

    I may be free to post what I like but what I like may not always be good. I caught the foul comment and spammed it. I usually catch those in the spam filter with advertisements for “enhancement” products.

  4. Perry,

    I wasn’t even thinking of the Enloe post…tis your blog, your rules, you’re allowed to post however you wish…

    I had more in mind the now deleted comment of someone else on this thread.

    Blessed Fast to all!

  5. Perry,

    But its the rabbit trails that make life so much more interesting.

  6. Militus,

    My only point with the “Be Thankful” post was to post something for people to contemplate during Thanksgiving, for those of us who are Yanks. Perhaps my other post with Enloe was improper. I did vent a tad in the comments. I shall try to correct it in the future.

    I will also try to keep the comments on topic tocut down on the rabbit trails.


  7. Hey, I got an idea!

    Perry, you post a fairly non-controversial blog entry (at least from a Christian perspective).

    Then, we can get run down a rabbit trail by something pretty much unrelated.

    Then, we can flame one another repeatedly until the thread gets about, O say 50 posts long or so…

    Oh wait…didn’t we do this already?

    As someone said on another topic, IT’S ADVENT…HOW ABOUT A LITTLE CHARITY…

    That is all.

  8. Maybe this is Turkey just trying to ensure a place for themselves in the EU.

  9. Robert,

    Thats not the point. The point is to bring to light the injustice in Turkey.

  10. What would be worse, living there or living in Calvin’s Geneva.

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