Resistance is Futile

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  1. The “Greeks” in the UK are forever telling their kids that they must be proficient in the Greek language, keep up the dancing classes and join the Hellenic societies. The resistance to assimilation has come about through the liberalisation of borders in Europe and the phenomenon of work immigration, unmatched by any sense of social and cultural identification … of “settling down.” This could easily lead to social disharmony. In the case of Islamism the situation is exacerbated by zealots pitting the Ummah against nationhood and the Caliphate against democracy. Globalisation has led to much sqawking in unreconstructed “nests.” It will take a long time for this one to play out.

  2. Cyprian says:

    That’s still a sad state of affairs.

    While the Germans are not exactly always welcoming them with open arms all the time, this is still an unfortunate step backwards on their part towards a more peaceful co-existence.

    The small town outside Frankfurt I lived in had a lot of immigrants to Germany, who were mostly Turkish (surprise, surprise). That is the first thing local Germans there warn you about is the Turkish culture. If you get in bad with one… you get in bad with them all real quick. Heck, I remember Turks lighting themselves on fire in protest all over the news from time to time, which is common. Some crazy stuff going on still. None the less, I had some whom I got to know and they were decent folk, but there is more than enough of the hostile crowd to cause lots of trouble.

  3. Well, look at that. I prefer peaceable nihilists to suicide bombers myself….

  4. Neo,

    I meant it the other way around.

  5. It sadly appears to be.

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