Political Hesychasm: the thought of Fr. Johns S. Romanides and Christos Yannaras

The Revival of Political Hesychasm in Greek Orthodox Thought: A Study of the Hesychast Basis of the Thought of John S. Romanides and Christos Yannaras

This looks very interesting. The man is a convert to the Orthodox faith and was heavily influenced by these men. I’m happy to see someone writing in a very positive manner about Father John Romanides. It’s about time.

Don’t know how long this dissertation will be up on Baylor’s page, but get it while you can.


  1. i’ve read it. the bibliography is great, and payne is the first i know of to use the Firestone Papers from Princeton, which contain correspondence between Fr. John Romanides and Fr. Georges Florovsky. payne also utilizes fr. george metallinos’ book (in greek) about Fr. John, which no one else has incorporated into a study of Him. dp payne’s dissertation is worth the price of admisssion if for no other reason than it quotes from the Firestone letters ( in one Fr. John quips that he cannot find a single Orthodox theologian in Athens: “someone had to go there and drop a bomb, because all they could do was quote Androutsos” etc.) and also quotes from Fr. John’s works in Greek, translating the passages into English.

    Another thing, Payne mentions several biographical facts which should be of interest to anyone who is interested in Fr. John. For one thing, Fr. John was a spiritual child of a real hesychast, Fr. Philotheos (Zervakos). It may be St. Philotheos by now, I haven’t heard. Anyway, if you are not intriqued enough to read Payne at this point, you’re hopeless.

    Also, several footnotes quote sources which point out the contradictions and downright errors in Zizoulas’ theology. I take endless delight in anyone who shows “persoalistic theology” for the crock that it is.
    Payne is no Joseph P. Farrell, but I’ll tell you this much, I quote Payne’s diss. somewhere in every chapter of my book (thesis in progress) on

    I have rare Romanides articles ( not on the website ) if anyone is interested.

    my email:


    plus, if anyone has the unpublished articles mentioned by G. D. Dragas in the bib. of An Outline of Orthodox Dogmatic Theology, I would really like a look at them, since I’ve been researching Romanides for years, and would incorporate them into my book.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. I am thinking of studying the thought and context of Alexander Papadiamantis for one of my PhD exams, and this seems like a closely related project.

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