Fast Times or a Beautiful Mind?

This means nothing. But I needed a laugh. So I went to the blog readability test site. I entered Triablogue and got,

This Blog is at a High School Reading Level.

Then I entered James White’s Alpha and Omega Ministry’s URL and got this.

This Blog is at a High School Reading Level.

Then I plugged in this site and got,

This Blog is at a College(PostGrad) Reading Level.


18 Responses to Fast Times or a Beautiful Mind?

  1. Mine’s in the middle – college undergrad. Rudy, Rudy!

  2. Διονυσιος says:

    You guys only got “College (Postgrad)”?

    The Well of Questions scores “Genius”.


  3. I guess you guys are really on the ball. 😉

  4. Διονυσιος ,

    That score is most likely the result of a supererogatory use of Greek font. 🙂

  5. Catechumen says:

    Well, my Orthodox blog gets the Jr High School level whereas my blog about my Graduate School experiences has gotten everything from High School to Post-Grad. I think it matters what’s on the front page of your blog at any given time.

  6. dionysios,

    1. Its not wise to brag about how tall you are when you are standing on my shoulders. 😛

    2. The fruit doesn’t fall very far from the tree.

    3. Its only a joke.

  7. Lucian says:

    The readability score of the Bible would be pretty low, I guess, since everybody can read it, and it makes little to no use of outlandishly “weird” words.

  8. Jonathan Noguera says:

    Hahahahaha! This is great.

  9. Martin says:

    Mine gets a Genius ranking. Of course, that’s because I cite your blog occasionally. 😛

  10. Joe Rawls says:

    Mine got an inexplicably Genius rating, probably because I’m more likely to quote Orthodox theologians than Jesus Seminar people.

  11. Διονυσιος says:

    Perry –

    1) It would be quite superfluous for me to stand on your shoulders. We’ve met, and I seem to be approximately one foot taller than you all on my own. (Not to mention that I’ve never, and would never, draw from your work. It seems that I simply don’t share most of your interests.)

    2) I have no idea to what you’re referring.

    3) I should hope so!

    Andrea Elizabeth –

    So, instead of a “Jesus Point”, I got a higher reading level? That seems like a bad trade.

  12. My website isn’t a blog, but it received a rating of “College Undergrad” reading level.

  13. Διονυσιος ,

    Why either/or? Orthodox don’t believe in supererogation anyway (h/t to Mr. Krause). Bring it all on and give it all away.

    So what’ll it be, Jimmy Neutron, The Absentminded Professor…?

  14. Gina says:

    My blog was rated Genius as well, which is as sure a sign as any that the test is flawed. 🙂

  15. The Scylding says:

    College (undergrad). But I have been higher before. I think the key is using Latin.

  16. Διονυσιος says:

    Andrea Elizabeth –

    Naturally, each of WOQs’s four contributors should be represented by his own “genius” analogue.

    MG might be represented as Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown (Back to the Future).
    Krause could be Mandark (Cartoon Network’s “Dexter’s Lab” cartoon).
    Andrew would probably be . . . Dr. Frankenstein (pronounced “Frahnk-ehn-steen”, from Mel Brooks’s “Young Frankenstein”).
    And, clearly, I would be Merlin (see Geoffrey of Monmouth’s “History of the Kings of Britain”, not T. H. White’s “Once and Future King”).

  17. Dionysios,

    Capital choices all! I was thinking an evil genius would be fun – Gene Wilder’s Dr. Frankenstein is close enough.

  18. I got a Pre-K rating. Movin on up…

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