I thought I’d post to keep readers up on the situaton. I deeply appreciate the financial response to my plea. The funds given enabled me to make my house payment, buy groceries and put gas in my car. There seems to me to be nothing much better than putting food into the mouths of another person’s children. For that I am grateful. I have made a list of the contributors and try to be mindful of them during times of prayer. Fortunately, living in St. Louis, housing is relatively cheap (compared to where I am from-California) and I never fell prey to the demon of the adjustable rate mortgage.

I am also grateful for job leads that people have thrown my way, though nothing has panned out as of yet. I am currently looking into the publishing industry for editorial or sales positions, paralegal positions and positions with the US government. When and if my financial situation becomes stable I will resume blogging. In the mean time, I’d ask some of the other contributors to post a thing or to two pick up the slack and keep the blog moving.

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  1. xineohp says:

    Whoops!!! Sorry Perry. My e-mail is 00student00@gmail.com (Those are zero’s).

    The Student

  2. xineohp says:

    I’ve enjoyed this blog and would like to help. Please e-mail me at 00thestudent00@gmail.com

    the student

  3. John says:

    Perry, God be with you in your job hunt. I can empathize, as I was jobless for over a year, though without a family to support.

    I really like this blog. It’s fascinating reading, and, though some things are over my head, I have already learned a lot from visits here.

  4. Dude – CEO for Conciliar Media Ministries. Do it.

  5. Isaac8 says:


    I don’t know if they have any jobs in your area, but I remember the Thomas Nelson publishing company having several positions listed on their site when I looked at it about a month ago.

  6. Margaret says:

    Thank you for updating this! You and your family remain in our prayers. (Have you tried UPS? Just for quick cash. I hope and pray you find a job that will use your talents. I’m sure all you do will be done to the glory of God!)

  7. Canadian says:

    I am praying for you Perry as you have been of great influence in leading me in the direction of the ancient church and Orthodoxy. I would have helped if I could have.
    I discovered your blog through some commenting you did a few years back at Blog and Mablog.

    If in fact “dbradsh” in the Authors column is Professor David Bradshaw, I would love to see some posts from him.

  8. kepha says:

    Mr. Robinson,

    Thanks be to God for all that He has done for you and yours.

    I really need to know if you got my e-mail.

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