An Appropriate Orthodox Ecumenical Strategy

5 Responses to An Appropriate Orthodox Ecumenical Strategy

  1. Perfect! And from one of my favorite programs!

  2. Cyril says:

    If you all get the chance, listen to the Orthodox lectures from St. Vlads on “Mother Churches”. You can almost hear the fingers’ pointing and swords drawing as the EP is being skewered. Listen especially to Met. Philip, Archbishop Hilarion, and Hieromonk Jonah (now His Beatitude Jonah, of the OCA). They’re like sharks with blood in the water, or crocodiles at feeding time, in their collective zingers at ole Bart (that is, His All holiness, Bart). Ironically, Met Kallistos hardly said a word. If he did, I missed it.


  3. Elders of Zion, errr, Athos says:

    Divide et impera! >:) Orthodox plan to take over the world! 😀

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