Sci-fi, Orthodoxy and the Future

Here is an interesting clip from the upcoming pre-quel to Battlestar Galactica. (Yes, I watch Sci-fi. I watch Lost  as well.) There are a few things here that are interesting. The slide to Sodom via technology, which people like C.S. Lewis clearly saw. (That Hideous Strength  is well nigh modern prophecy.) If you don’t this kind of stuff is coming and rather soon, you need to wake up. Another is the consciousness of reaching rock bottom in sin and finding that it is really nothing good at all. Notice also the focus on the experience of God and the subsequent connection with the creation of life.

WARNING: This clip is not for virgin eyes.

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  1. rwp says:

    Orthodoxy, BSG, and Lost! What’s not to love?

  2. Jonathan Companik says:

    By the way, for those who are interested, I created a facebook group for devotees of Energetic Procession called Fans of Energetic Procession. Figured it might stimulate some good debate in that venue once the memberships starts growing, and otherwise it might provide some more exposure to the blog. The group already has a web link to the blog, and I will continue adding new links to reputable Orthodox sources.

  3. Jonathan Companik says:

    True it’s a rip off, but it’s a rip off of a great series (my wife and I are working through them on DVD), with its own 21st century twist. It’s enough to keep my interest anyway.

  4. Jonathan,

    To some extant, but its a rather blatant rip off of the X-Files. Its ok. I like Supernatural and Reaper has some suprisingly good theology in it.

  5. Jonathan Companik says:

    Perry, we watch LOST. Do you follow the new sci-fi series, Fringe?

  6. Jay Dyer says:

    True dat, to the original post.

  7. Sophocles says:


    Your comment actually raises a good question: Is fantasy something that an Orthodox Christian should indulge in?

    The clip itself has the man astounded(sorry I don’t know any of the characters of this show) that something he created has been taken to such an extreme as the young lady is showing him around.

    I am not necessarily condemning this show or any show per se, but I thought this post an opportunity to voice some thoughts I have been thinking about the Anti Christ and the Last Days. I took the liberty specifically because Perry is asking the readers to wake up if they do not believe such things are coming our way.

    As to the question your comment raises about the sci-fi and fantasy genres I would of a certainty wager tht no Holy Father would promote the indulging in science fiction or fantasy.

    As for Lewis and Tolkien, I myself have in the past been a huge fan of Lewis. Tolkien I have not read but have seen the Lord of the Rings(I know, I know, the movie I have heard does not do the book justice-rarely does any movie). I have come to change my position on Lewis especially in his telling the Gospel via Narnia which is an entrance way into magic.

    In these shows they may “christian” elements but with the presentation of the story we are opened up to whatever indoctrination the storyteller wishes to instill in us. No art, whether it be film, painting, poetry, literature, music or whatever, is neutral. It cannot be so. The artist is teaching us something through the medium he is working from within.

    What I’m trying to say is that these shows of science- fiction and fantasy are alos indoctrinate us into the realm of fantasy, Satanism, Masonry and the like.

    The Devil it must be remembered tells the truth: when it suits him and especially enjoys blending truth with error and theryby stirs up great confusion.

    Error and evil stark and naked are relatively easy to detect, avoid and denounce. But when mixed with truth, the beholder, if not training himself to be dead to this world system will at the very least question whether the error and evil are really all that bad and the beholder will question himself on points whereby it becomes difficult for him to decide what to do with the message relayed through the art.

    The Devil sows confusion. He know how to employ the tactics whereby he may cause the inward tug of war in a person to cause him to vascillate in his conscience.

    The Holy Fathers stress cold, hard sobriety, nepsis, watchfulness with no wiggle room to think of ourselves other than how we ought to think of ourselves. We are to reproach ourselves and our sensual minds and our lust and the roaming of our thoughts that travel to matters which in reality have no substance whatsover. We are to “consolidate our being”, gathering it up and sending it to our “heart” and from there ascending to God.

    I believe the partaking in fanatasy may perhaps be a hindrance to this nepsis.

    I am not advocating a hard and fast rule here. With Saint Paul here I may say, “All things are lawful but not all things are helpful”. I would ask us to be more vigilant in “viewing” ourselves, taking notice of the inner atmosphere of our soul and what effect viewing and partaking in fantasy does to the atmosphere of our inner world. To do this may require a separation from this material for a time to more accurately assess what exactly happens during such partaking.

    I myself have done this experiment and here only offer my experience and my hope that ceratin thoughts may begin to trouble our consciences in relation to how easy we allow ourselves to come under the power and influence of those things we view and the music we listen to.

    There is a link to the present world system that our enemy is exploiting to the fullest, sowing tares among the wheat and what many of us count as wheat may upon closer inspection be itself tares, snaring us and hindering our union with Christ.

  8. Andrew says:


    I think Perry’s point regarding BG was that it promotes an Orthodox worldview. Having only seen the opening miniseries, I can already see that two of the major themes will be 1) the destructive power of technology and 2) the utter uniqueness of human persons. The fact that the medium through which these themes are expounded upon is science fiction should not lead one to a blanket condemnation of the series. It seems to me that science fiction and fantasy are the only remaining postmodern outlets where mythic storytelling has been retained.

    Christians (in good Lewisian and Tolkienian fashion) would be wise to realize this and to capitalize on it.

  9. Sophocles says:

    Of late, I have been dwelling on the subject of the Last Days which your post here is alluding to about our slide to Sodom via technology.

    This is such an integral part of our Faith that the lack of mention of this produces an anemic Orthodoxy.

    To see the world getting madder and madder is evident to just about anyone with half a brain. What I think lacks in analyzing our age is wheter such madness is the result of say, a stream of circumstances that have followed one after another in happenstance form, (i.e.among many factors for the start of World War II was the rise of Nazi Germany by which so much changed forever technologically,politically, morally, spiritually, etc. and this change produced a shift in ideas in the realms of philosophy, the arts, music, the media,etc.-or an acceleration of the direction they were already headed as a result of the break off of the Gospel imbedded in the ethos and culture of Man with Man seating himself on the Throne of God.)

    So in happenstance form a stream of events and circumstances have occured from the fact of there being a World War II with all that occured in it and we live in the wake of these events .

    That’s one way to interpret history and to make sense of existence.

    Or do the events themselves have an intelligence behind them, something which sits *outside* of them and gives them impetus and steers them to a pointed end?

    I think the serious consideration of at least contemplating this understanding never enters into a serious part of most peoples’ lives and worse, our pastors, theologians and our teachers do not seriously consider these matters or if they do they do not speak loudly because they fear being labeled “fringe”, “not mainstream”, “fearmongers”, “kooks”,etc.

    What role does Satan and his Anti-Christ and the spirit of anti christ have in our Faith, in our Church, in the teaching of the Holy Fathers, in the very teaching of the Scriptures themselves both in the mouth of our Lord and of His apostles in their epistles? A rather large one. And a rather largely ignored one by those who are in postions to warn, exhort and admonish those whose souls are entrusted to them.

    That the Lord will return is a fact. That certain things will take place before His return is a fact. This certainty of His return and that events that have occured and are occuring and will occur are part and parcel of the understanding of Reality or they should be part and parcel of the understanding of Reality.

    Our salvation is to be found in Him when He returns. We speak about theosis and so many other exalted “concepts” relating to the Faith but in one sense, none of them matter if we are not doing them to escape from the corruption of this fallen world. Why do we fast, why do we attend the Divine Services, why do we pray, why do we do all these things if we are not in such a state that renders us not in harmony with God?

    The struggle to live the Christian life divorced from it being actual warfare against unseen powers which *rule* this present world will leave the struggler uneducated and without the real enemy required to actually be successful in the struggle. St. Paul spoke of beating the empty air with his fists.

    Nothing we do is neutral. The Kingdom of God is here. Now. The Kingdom of Anti-Christ is here. Now.

    Perry is right. The nature of Reality is of an order completely other than what most think it to be. Guess what: magick, Satanism, withcraft, etc., they’re all real. And these things are very present and shape much more than we are aware of. Even the theological debates that rage across the internet, especially between the Orthodox which hold to the Fathers and Tradition contra the Ecumenist Orthodox, have these things playing a very large role in them. By this I mean, for example the use of such “theologians” as Vladimir Solovyev and his ideas being touted as the “sensible” Orthodox who are not so narrow and upon whom the bridge to rapport between churches could and should be built. Where do you think Solovyev’s Sophiology derives from?

    The occult and all that makes up the occult is very mainstream. We pipe it into our homes through technology in our movies, TV shows(and yes, that includes BattleStar Gallactica, Star Wars, etc.), our books(Harry Potter anyone)? spoon feeding our children and ourselves this demonic stuff. What we now deem as merely “entertainment” is not merely such. Guess what: entertainment educates us, not merely sensually(through and by the senses) but spiritually, emotionally, subconsciously.

    Sorry for the rant. There is of course much more to this but I’ll leave it at that for now.

  10. I am a fan of BSG (I stayed up til 1am last night to catch it as I got home too late for the regular showing). However, I am loathe to admit it in public in the same way i am loathe to become yet another Orthogeek to list LOTR as a favorite book.

    Admittedly, the plot twists in BSG have, of late, left me a little discombobulated. I keep chalking it to not having seen all of the episodes of the previous seasons (and last 4-5 of the immediately previous one).

  11. Awe come on Michael, the 9th Configuration totaly rocks on the POE.

  12. MG says:

    Ad Orientem–

    I agree 100%. Also, last week’s episode was the most brilliant commentary on the problem of evil I have ever seen in tv or movie.

  13. Ad Orientem says:

    BSG is hands down the best television series that’s been produced in probably the last several years. It is just about the only TV I bother watching besides an occasional glance at the news.

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