The Cat Came Back

I am now back in Saint Louis from my trip to Denver. A shout out goes to all the of the wonderful people I met there at St. Spyridon’s GOC for the Hatfield’s Chrismation. If you are ever in Loveland, CO, it is a great parish to visit. For those I met there considering Orthodoxy, please feel free to contact me via the blog. I would be happy to address your questions and suggest some reading material.

As for the blog, it seems that while I was away, a few visiting commenters have forgotten that this isn’t their venue as well as how to dialog with other human beings in a civil and dispassionate manner. Little mice, play time is over.

As for Steve Hays’ response to my post We Have Met the Enemy,  I am thoroughly undwerwhelmed and will address it in due time. I am not suprised that Turritanfan did not respond to the two posts that I put up and that Steve had to be brought in to address them. That by itself says it all.

It is good to be back home with my wife and three kids even after being pampered by the Hatfield’s personal Hotel Royal. Now back to my regularly scheduled war with the squirrels in my attic and the search for gainful employment. (Squirrels 0, Perry 4)

UPDATE: Squirrels 0, Perry 5)

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  1. Tap says:

    One of the Best Books i’ve read in the past few years is “Tradition and Theology in St. John Cassian”
    have you read it? have a review of it?

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