Eat, Drink and Buy Books

Every year for Labor Day weekend my parish has a rather large Greek festival. It is the largest in the state. Of course I help work at the festival with other parishioners. In the great wisdom of my fellow parishioners and clergy I work the book table and jointly give tours of the church. The book table is a load of fun. You never know who you are going to meet. And every year I manage to pull away a few new stories. We not only have the usual weird people that any event in a large city draws, but we have about four seminaries of various theological persuasions which makes discussions at the book table very interesting.  Its like a box of chocolates.

A good amount of the books are hand picked by me and are not only of superior quality but I pretty much sell them fairly well below retail. The proceeds go the church. So if you are in the Saint Louis area this weekend and you are looking to get out of the house and perhaps learn something about Orthodoxy, come visit the Greek Festival at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.


  1. Oh my, what a sweet job for Greek Fest! I have to man the doors at ours…selling tickets OUTSIDE in the Georgia heat. But truth be told…it may get hot here but rarely as humid as STL.

    I see your parish is just across the park from the LCMS Lutheran Seminary so I guess some of the seminarians you reference come from there. Give ’em the URL for your Issues Etc. critique of Orthodoxy.

    Have fun and come back and share your stories.


  2. Our parish, St Michaels, Greensburg, PA has our festival next week if anyone is in the SW PA area next week.

    The church put a new policy in place. They sent me 5 tickets in the mail and told me that I have to buy them at $15 each. Note, I’m not a member – I am not yet Chrismated. I’ve been attending for three years, so I guess they think I’m as good as a member anyway.


  3. Mr Tundra Man,

    I visited your parish some time last year when Fr. Peter Gillquist spoke there. I wish I was able to go to the Missions and Evangelism conference that is going on right now in ligonier.

    Oh well.



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