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As some of you know, I am unemployed. For some time I’ve been working odd jobs to help support my family while I attempt to find something more stable.  This  means that I don’t buy books anymore. That was fine while I had a number of books to read. Now I’ve run out of books to read. Most of what I read ends up on the blog in one way or another. The way I figure it, I provide the information here for free. I am happy to do so as it is my intent to help people think through the kinds of issues and ideas we discuss here. A good number of you helped me financially out when I lost my academic position. That was a great help that served to get us through the summer without loosing our home. Now that we are reasonably stable in being more poor than we were, waxing Pauline I don’t think it is unreasonable to not muzzle the ox while he is threshing grain. So I don’t think it is too much to ask for some contribution to the efforts I make here.

So below I’ve placed a list of books. I am not asking people who are in a similar financial situation. Worry about your own family first. Seriously. I’d hate to find out that someone sent me something when they were in about the same spot. If you are already giving to a worthy cause, thats great. But should I have some reasonably well off readers who aren’t, I’d ask them to make a contribution by buying a book. It is better than cash since you know exactly what your efforts are going towards and you’ll see it deployed here.

So below I’ve placed a list of books that anyone of them I’d be grateful to have. They are pricey I admit, but that is the cost of reading better literature and finding the truth. In the end it saves time and money. (Better to read one good book, then ten mediocre ones.) Should you choose to order a book I’ve listed some suggested places of doing so to get a better price. I am also happy to have used books. I am not too proud…or at least not that proud to read used books.

For used books I’d recommend using For new books I ‘d recommend Both of these sites seearch multiple book sellers and compare prices for you so they save you a bunch of time. (And hardback or paperback doesn’t matter.)

If you purchase a book and need my address, please email me at acolyte4236 AT sbcglobal dot net.

Thanks for your support,


Michael Dauphinaius, Aquinas the Augustinian, ISBN 978-0813214924

Leo J. Elders, The Metaphysics of Being of St. Thomas Aquinas, ISBN 978-9004096455

Carol Muessing, Envisaging Heaven In The Middle Ages, ISBN 978-0415383837

Paul M. Collins, Trinitarian Theology: West and East, ISBN 978-0198270324

Daniel Deme, The Christology of Anselm of Canterbury, ISBN 978-0754637790

Thomas P. Scheck, Origen and the History of Justification: The Legacy of Origen’s Commentary on Romans, ISBN 978-0268041281

Tom Greggs, Barth, Origen, and Universal Salvation: Restoring Particularity, ISBN 978-0199560486

Philip Dixon, Nice Hot Disputes: The Doctrine of the Trinity in the Seventeenth Century, ISBN 9780567042217

Thomas G. Weinandy, In the Likeness of the Sinful Flesh: An Essay on the Humanity of Christ, ISBN 978-0567042132

Dag Oistein Endsj, Greek Resurrection Beliefs and the Success of Christianity, ISBN 978-0230617292

Bissera V. Pentcheva,Icons And Power: The Mother of God in Byzantium, ISBN 978-0271025513

Christopher Livanos, Greek Tradition and Latin Influence in the Work of George Scholarios, ISBN 978-1593333447

Katherine Rogers, Anselm on Freedom ISBN 978-0199231676

Marc Cortez, Embodied Souls, Ensouled Bodies: An Exercise in Christological Anthropology and Its Significance for the Mind/Body Debate, ISBN 978-0567033680

Sarah Klitenic Wear, John Dillon, Dionysius the Areopagite and the Neoplatonist Tradition, ISBN 978-0754603856

Andrew Louth, Patrology, ISBN 978-0227172643

Ludmilla Charipova, Latin Books and the Eastern Orthodox Clerical Elite in Kiev, 1632-1780, ISBN 978-0719072963

Pauline Allen, Sophronius of Jerusalem and Seventh-Century Heresy: The Synodical Letter and Other Documents, ISBN 978-0199546930

Richard Sorabji, Aristotle Transformed: The Ancient Commentators and Their Influence, ISBN 978-0801424328

Hester Goodenough Gelber, It Could Have Been Otherwise: Contingency and Necessity in Dominican Theology at Oxford, 1300-1350, ISBN 978-9004139077

Richard Vaggione, Eunomius of Cyzicus and the Nicene Revolution, ISBN 978-0198146780

Thomas C. Ferguson, The Past is Prologue: The Revolution of Nicene Historiography ISBN 978-9004144576

Carl Beckwith, Hilary of Poitiers on the Trinity: From De Fide to De Trinitate, ISBN 978-0199551644

Bernard Green,  The Soteriology of Leo the Great, ISBN 978-0199534951

P. T. Gray, The Defense of Chalcedon in the East (451-553), ISBN 978-9004059283

Michael Murray, Nature Red in Tooth and Claw: Theism and the Problem of Animal Suffering ISBN 978-0199237272

Walter H Principe,  The theology of the hypostatic union in the early thirteenth century

Ewert H. Cousins, Bonaventure and the Coincidence of Opposites: The Theology of Bonaventure, ISBN 978-0819905802

Juan Carlos Flores, Henry of Ghent: Metaphysics and the Trinity. With a critical edition of question six of article fifty-five of the Summa Quaestionum Ordinariarum, ISBN 978-9058675378

Lindsey Hall, Swinburne’s Hell and Hick’s Universalism: Are We Free to Reject God?, ISBN  978-0754634003

Nancy J. Hudson, Becoming God: The Doctrine of Theosis in Nicholas of Cusa, ISBN 978-0813214726

15 Responses to Support Your Local Sherriff

  1. David Clark says:

    Well let me know if it’s something that satisfies your needs and then how to get the $ to you.

  2. David,

    That seems to be something new that I overlooked. When I was fired I asked about obtaining library privliages and they denied that this was possible.

    I’ll check it out.

  3. David Clark says:

    There is one downside to becoming a library associate. They will bug you until the day you die for more money if you don’t continue your association.

  4. David Clark says:

    I just checked and SLU has a library associates program. For $75 a year you get borrowing privileges. Unless of course I am looking at the wrong SLU or this program has some restrictions I am not aware of rendering the privileges unacceptable. The web page is here.

    I’d be willing to contribute to the “Get Perry Borrowing Privileges Fund” if this is something that is worth your while.

  5. David,

    Yes, better books cost more. They are better because they are peer reviewed and generally written better. I prefer quality over quantity. I don’t read junk.

    SLU doesn’t permit “friends” to check out material. At most they permit you to use their computers for 30 min at a time. Other schools in the area to my knowledge can’t get books thru ILL for non-students.

    I only ask for donations for those who find themselves moved to do so for the work I do here. I am not looking for a handout. This is why I framed it in terms of finding the material here profitable. I don’t think there are too many Orthodox blogs where this kind of material at this level is discussed. Hence we have a niche. I am not interested in becoming like every other blog. This is not to say that other Orthodox and non-Orthodox blogs do not do worthwhile things, they most certainly do. But I can’t do everything nor do I think I should try. I try to do a couple of things. First bring out material from my studies that people generally wouldn’t have access to reading more popular material. I also offer material for discussion. I also try to meet apologetic challenges to Orthodoxy as well as trying to blaze a path on how to give reasonable answers to philosophical and theological problems advanced against Orthodoxy. I am not necessarily the gold standard in doing this, but I don’t see too many people either capable, willing or actually doing this.

    Lastly, I figured I could merely ask and people can say ‘no.’ That’s fine. Right now I pick up some cash flow doing odd jobs. I refinished a deck for a couple hundred dollars. That went to groceries and such in a NY minute. But it is not steady or significant. Its bad that my income was cut in half to little more than 20K a year with three kids and a wife. The upside is that in St. Louis, housing is so cheap compared to California, that my house payment is relatively low. Of course I am not living at the Ritz either given the littel brick house was built in like 1902. But every other expense gets cut to the bone-only what is essential and no more. Not that we were living high on the hog previously. We’ve never had cable for example and Taco Bell and KFC were considered our once a month eating out. The rest we made our best effort to tithe to the church.

  6. David Clark says:

    Yikes, Orthodox theology is really expensive! Or at least Orthodox theology at a certain level.

    Even the publicly funded university libraries won’t allow you to purchase a library card with lending privileges? They usually force you to join some “Friends of the Library” or some such nonsense, for a steep fee ($100 seems the most common extortion amount). The public universities in Los Angeles (where I used to live) and in Dallas (where I now live) had those programs. There must be some weird state/local politics going on at the universities where you live.

    Heck, even Dallas Theological Seminary (as private and conservative as they come) allows for borrowing privileges for a $50/year extortion fee.

  7. Fr Maximus,

    I no longer have access to a university library and the local libraries either can’t or won’t secure these books. The universities in the area don’t permit non-students to check out books and have no membership for non-students/faculty.

    It’s hard to be bottled up once you’ve seen the world.

  8. Fr. Maximus says:


    You can probably get most of these books on inter-library loan. I have gotten all sorts of books that way. In the worst case, they will get it from the Library of Congress and you will have to read the book sitting in the library.

    God be with you.

  9. David Richards says:

    Perry, I am lucky to afford food, shelter, and clothing right now and so consider myself to be one of those people you mention who are in a similar financial situation. This is not to complain or draw attention to myself, but to say that all I can do to show my continued support and appreciation for your work is to keep your family in my prayers (which you already are) and to spread the Truth of Orthodoxy which you have articulated on this blog and other venues. My goal now is to remain steadfast in prayer and study, so that I can bring this message to others who may be outside your sphere of influence but within mine.

  10. Nathaniel Brown says:


    I agree with the above posters. I think an mp3 type online lecture series would be wonderful, and I would love to buy something like that that you produced. In my case, I’d be interested in your take on introductory stuff, which I imagine would be easy for you to put together to try out. Or you could start with a mini series of just a couple of lectures on a topic you’re particularly interested in, and see how it goes. Let me know if I can help bring such a project to fruition; I’d love to help, if you need it.

  11. Michael says:


    I second the Amazon wish list.

    I also second a donation button. Paypal does have a donation widget. I think people know your intentions and you can easily make them clear if they don’t by accompanying a donation button with a concise explanation.

    There are lots of blogs that have donation buttons that aren’t ministries but such allows regular readers who appreciate the blogger’s effort to help compensate him/her for the time spent.

    You provide a lot of good material for free, nothing wrong, in my opinion, for giving us a chance to show our appreciation in return.

    I would also think deeply about online teaching. Videos, chats, e-books, mp3s, webcams, and more. All the technology is available and inexpensive.

  12. Jnorm,

    Yes I do have a wishlist and the books listed are on it. I usually keep the wish list private.

    I’d prefer to do this for nothing, but right now things are bad.

    After having worked for a “para-church” ministry, I really don’t favor them or think of what I do as a “ministry.” I prefer to keep everything as far as I can under the auspices of the church.

  13. Jnorm888 says:


    Do you have an wishlist? I know I sent a book to someone that way. Also, have you thought about teaching philosophy or Apologetics online through mp3 downloads and e-books?

    I’m not sure if paypal has a donation widget. I know a number of sites that have something like that, but it would make it easier for your visitors to support your ministry on a more consistent bases.

    I hope all is well!


  14. sevpr says:

    Indeed its a crowded boat. May God bless all of your job endeavors no matter how odd… and I’ve done some pretty odd ones to put food on the table too.

  15. Lucian says:

    Michael Murray, Nature Red in Tooth and Claw: Theism and the Problem of Animal Suffering ISBN 978-0199237272

    I don’t have that book, but I have this link.

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