FLASH!: Florovksy Symposium at Princeton

Topic: The Patristic Doctrine of the Atonement.

Speakers include:  Fr. John Behr,

Fr. John McGuckin

Fr. George Dragas

Dr. George Parsenios

Matthew Baker

Dr. Alexis Torrance

I am planning on going with a few other EP readers. If you are interested in co-ordinating with us, please contact me via acolyte4236 AT sbcglobal dot net.

More details are available here.

7 Responses to FLASH!: Florovksy Symposium at Princeton

  1. Dixie says:

    I thought I read somewhere there would be a live feed you could access online for $10. If worse comes to worse and my work life interferes with travel plans then that’s what I plan to do…but for now I plan to go. I talked to my Lutheran husband about it but he’s not up for a day of theological lectures in New Jersey in February…might have been able to pull it off had I been able to sell Colorado skiing or New Orleans Cajun food. But I fly into EWR several times a year so its familiar and accessible…even if I do have to take a winter coat.

  2. jnorm888 says:


    I was told it would be recorded.

  3. Ariston says:


    If you go to the site, they offer some form of online participation, which I imagine will be the only legal way to do that. If Certain Persons were to put iPhone recordings up on filetube, well…

    I will be there, but my luck in getting quality recordings has been hit & miss.

  4. Kevin Burt says:

    Any chance these might be recorded and made available for those unable to attend?

  5. Colman,

    That was probably due to a type-O.

  6. David Richards says:

    I just realized why… Colman if you cut and pasted Perry’s e-mail address (as I did), notice that he wrote “sbcgloCal”. I only point this out because it should be sbcgloBal.net – without the b capitalized of course. Maybe that’s related to your problem Colman.

  7. Colman says:

    Perry, I live in Princeton and would like to coordinate with you. However, I haven’t had any luck sending you an email to the address you provided.

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