Fr. Behr on the Monarchy of the Father

This is a grand piece, brought to my attention by our old friend at Sacramentum Vitae, Michael Liccione. Michael has some problems with Fr. Behr’s language (this came out on Facebook and was not on his blog).

Here’s the link:

5 Responses to Fr. Behr on the Monarchy of the Father

  1. Cyril says:

    Iohannes, Christ is born.

    Thanks for the link. Read through the combox and may post something there, but am in the midst of some other items which will probably keep me from doing so.


  2. Iohannes says:

    Greetings, Cyril. You might be interested in the recent discussion at David Waltz’s Articuli Fidei blog. I had brought up Fr. Behr’s piece in a comment there and also linked to it on Facebook, where Dr. Liccione picked it up. The discussion under the blog’s December 22nd thread is still live; if you have anything to add, I’m sure it would be welcomed. Blessings in Christ, John

  3. Cyril says:

    David, thanks. I will try to correct it.

  4. David Richards says:

    Correction: the link works when cut and pasted into the browser, just not when it is clicked on this website.

  5. David Richards says:

    Cyril, unfortunately that link just leads here, to the comments…

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