For a some time now I have taken more of a back seat to the running and posting on EP. I’ve been very happy to see some of the other contributors step in to fill the gap to keep the blog moving in terms of postings.

Pascha is a good time for new beginings and so I am doing something of a reboot for the blog. I have been doing a few things with the blog behind the scenes. I have expanded the Recommended Reading page considerably and will continue to do so. (Hint-That means go and take a look.) I am in the process of updating the blog links and re-arranging them as well as looking for another blog template to help in restructing the blog.  I have also been working on some very long posts concerning a variety of topics ranging from issues in the metaphysics of causation in Late Antiquity to Reformed and Medeival Latin Christology.  I have also been working to secure a number of interviews with mostly Orthodox academics, which will apear at fairly regular intervals during the remaining course of this year. So far here are some of the persons for future interviews. David Bradshaw, Edward Siecienski, and Archemandrite Cyril Hovorun. For the remainder of the year, there should be six interviews in all.

Along with Harvey the Rabbit, the blog owner, I’ve been kicking around ideas on how to make the blog financially self supporting through a place for small donations to cover the cost of maintaning it, as well as linking the Recommended Reading page through Amazon or some other seller for a part of the selling price for books sold here. In short, there is more coming down the slot.


  1. Perry, I hope that your blog will prosper in every way. When I first started reading this I had a dreadful feeling that you were going to tell us that you were shutting it down.

  2. as well as looking for another blog template to help in restructing the blog

    Could I interest you in mine? 🙂

  3. Perry, I try to check the bibliography on a regular basis. I saw that you had expanded it and look forward to checking out future books in that section.

  4. Perry I think it would add to the usefulness/usability of the Recommended Reading list if you would add a brief synopsis or “plug” (i.e. why specifically it is recommended) for each source, and ID those that are in you consider “must reads” from each section.

  5. Perry,

    Great news to read!

    Are you planning on leaving the archives up? I was hoping to peruse them sometime soon and would hate to see them go.

    Christ is risen!

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