The Hankadox Files

Here is a list of the posts I’ve done on Hank Hanegraaff’s reception into the Orthodox Church in 2017 and the previous scandals at CRI in the order that I posted them.

The Babel Answer Man

A Hankadox Intermezzo

The Orthodox Subversive on the Orthodox Revolutionary Show

Footsies with Frederrica

Matthew 18: My Meeting with Hank Hanegraaff

How Not to Answer A Question: Hankadox Style-On Hank’s Response to John MacArthur

Upon This Para-Rock

A Table in the Presence of My Enemies

What the Water Gave Me

The Authentic Hankadox Life

A Divided Dividing Line: James White and the Hankamess

CRI Documents-A sample letter from a high ranking former employee