Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading List

Historical Figures 


 Barnes, Michel R., & Williams, Daniel H., eds.,  Arianism after Arius: Essays on the Development of the Fourth Century Trinitarian Conflicts, T & T Clark

Saint Athanasius 

Anatolios, Kahlid, Athanasius :The Coherence of His Thought, Blackwell

Gwynn, David M., The Eusebians: The Polemic of Athanasius of Alexandria and the Construction of the Arian Controversy, Oxford

Robertson, Jon M., Christ as Mediator A Study of the Theologies of Eusebius of Caesarea, Marcellus of Ancrya, and Athanasius of Alexandria, Oxford

Saint Augustine

Armgstrong, A. H., St. Augustine and Christian Platonism, Villanova Univ. Press

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Cary, Phillip, Inner Grace: Augustine in the Tradition of Plato and Paul, Oxford

Evans, G. R., Augustine on Evil, Cambridge

van Fleitern, F., ed.,  Collectanea Augustiniana: Augustine–Second Founder of the Faith, Peter Lang Pub.

Gilson, Etienne, The Christian Philosophy of Saint Augustine, Random House

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_________, St. Augustine’s Platonism, Villanova Univ. Press

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Rombs, R., Saint Augustine and the Fall of the Soul: Beyond O’Connell and His Critics, CUP

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Weaver, R.  Divine Grace and Human Agency: A Study of the Semi-Pelagian Controversy, CUP

Wurst, G., Augustine and Manichaeism in the Latin West, Brill

Saint Basil the Great

Delcogliano, Mark, Basil of Caesarea’s Anti-Eunomian Theory of Names: Christian Theology and Late Antique Philosophy in the fourth Century Trinitarian Controversy, Brill.

Saint Cyril of Alexandria

Keating, Daniel A., The Appropriation of Divine Life in Cyril of Alexandria, Oxford

Koen, Lars, The Saving Passion: Incarnational and Soteriological Thought in Cyril in Alexandria’s Commentary on the Gospel According to St. John, University of Uppsala

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McGuckin, John, St. Cyril of Alexandria: The Christological Controversy : Its History, Theology, and Texts, SVS

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Welch, Lawrence J., Christology and Eucharist in the Early Thought of Cyril of Alexandria, Catholic Scholars Press.

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem

Drijvers, J.W., Cyril of Jerusalem: Bishop and City, Brill

Saint Dionysius

Kharlamov, Vladimir, The Beauty of the Unity and the Harmony of the Whole: The Concept of Theosis in the Theology of Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, Wipf & Stock

Wear, Sarah, & Dillion, John, Dionysius the Areopagite and the Neoplatonic Tradition, Ashgate


Vaggi0ne, Richard, Eunomius of Cyzicus and the Nicene Revolution, Oxford

Saint Gregory of Nazianzus

Winslow, Donald F., The Dynamis of Salvation, Philadelphia Patristic Foundation

Beeley, Christopher A., Gregory of Nazianzus on the Trinity and Knowledge of God: In Your Light We Shall See Light, Oxford

Saint Gregory of Nyssa

Barnes, Michel, The Power of God: Dunamis in Gregory of Nyssa’s Trinitarian Theology, CUP

Harrison, Verna, Grace and HUman Freedom According to St. Gregory of Nyssa, Edwin Mellon Press

Krivocheine, Basil, ‘Simplicity of the Divine Nature and the Distinctions in God, According to St. Gregory of Nyssa,’ St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly, 21 (1977) : 76-104.

Martin, Laird, Gregory of Nyssa and the Grasp of Faith: Union, Knowledge and Divine Presence, Oxford

Smith, J. Warren, Passion and Paradise: Human and DIvine Emotion in the Thought of gregory of Nyssa, Herder & Herder

Turcescu, Lucian, Gregory of Nyssa and the Concept of Divine Persons, Oxford

Zachhuber, Johannes, Human Nature in Gregory of Nyssa: Philosophical Background and Theological Significance, Brill

Saint Hilary of Poitiers

Weedman, M., The Trinitarian Theology of Hilary of Poitiers, Brill

Saint Irenaeus of Lyon

Steenberg, M., Irenaeus on Creation: The Cosmic Christ and the Saga of Redemption, Brill

Saint Maximus the Confessor

Bathrellos, Demetrios, The Byzantine Christ, Oxford 

Cooper, Adam, The Body in St. Maximus the Confessor: Holy Flesh, Wholly Deified, Oxford 

Farrell, Joseph, Free Choice in St. Maximus the Confessor, St. Tikhon’s Seminary Press 

Maximus, The Disputation With Pyrrhus of Our Father Among the Saints Maximus the Confessor St. Tikhon’s Seminary Press

Tollefsen, Torstein Theodor, The Christocentric Cosmology of St. Maximus the Confessor, Oxford

Toronen, Melchisidec, Union and Distinction in the Thought of St. Maximus the Confessor, Oxford

St. Methodius

Patterson, L.G., Methodius of Olympus: Divine Soverignty, Human Freedom and Life in Christ, CUA


Benjamins, R., “Origen’s Concept of Free Will in Relationship to the Fight against Opposing Powers (de Principiis III. 2-3) in Studia Patristica 26

Boyd, W.J.P., “Origen and Pharaoh’s Hardened Heart: A Study on Justification and Election in St. Paul and Origen” in Studia Patristica 7

Crouzel, Henri, Origen, T & T Clark

Hanson, R.P.C., Allegory and Event: A Study of the Sources and Signifiance of Origen’s Interpretation of Scripture, WJK

Lubac, Henri, History and Spirit: The Understanding of Scripture According to Origen, Ignatius

Tzamalikos, P., Origen-Cosmology and Ontology of Time, Brill

___________, Origen: Philosophy of History and Eschatology, Brill

Widdicombe, Peter, The Fatherhood of God from Oprigen to Athanasius, Oxford

Saint Photius

Dvornik, Francis, The Photian Schism, Cambridge

Haugh, Richard, Photius and the Carolingians

Photios, The Mystagogy of the Holy Spirit by Patriarch Photios

Saint Gregory Palamas

Meyendorff, John,  A Study of Gregory Palamas

Meyendorff, John, Saint Gregory Palamas and Orthodox Spirituality

Papademetriou, George, An Introduction to St. Gregory Palamas

Papademetriou, George, Maimondies and Palamas on God,

Papademetriou, George, The human body according to Saint Gregory Palamas

Palamas, Gregory, The Triads

Palamas, Gregory, Dialogue Between an Orthodox and a Barlaamite

Palamas, Gregory, Treatise on the Spiritual Life

Palamas, Gregory, Mary the Mother of God: Sermons by Saint Gregory Palamas

Palamas, Gregory, The Homilies of Saint Gregory Palamas, (3 Vols.)

Palamas, Gregory, The One Hundred and Fifty Chapters, Ed. & trans. Robert E. Sinkewicz

St. Sophronius

Allen, Pauline. trans., Sophronius of Jerusalem and the Seventh Century Heresy: The Synodal Letter and Other Documents, Oxford



Behr, John, The Way to Nicea, SVS

________, The Nicene Faith, SVS

Friedman, Russell L., Medieval Trinitarian Thought from Aquinas to Ockham, Cambridge

Papadakis, Aristeides, Crisis in Byzantium: The Filioque Crisis in the Patriarchate of the Gregory II of Cyprus (1283-1289) , SVS

Radde-Gallwitz, Andrew., Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nyssa and the Transformation of Divine Simplicity, Oxford

Siencienski, A. Edward, The Filioque: A History of a Doctrinal Controversy, Oxford


Adams, Marilyn McCord, What Sort of Human Nature?: Medieval Philosophy and the Systematics of Christology, Marquette

Chazelle, Celia & Cubit, Catherine, ed., The Crisis of the Oikoumene: TheThree Chapters and the Failed Quest for Unity in the Sixth Century Mediterranean, Brepols

Clayton, Paul B., The Christology of Theodoret of Cyrus, Oxford

Fairbairn, Donald, Grace and Christology in the Early Church, Oxford

Frend, W.H.C., The Rise of the Monophysite Movement, Cambridge

Gavrilyuk, Paul L., The Suffering of the Impassible God: The Dialectics of Patristic Thought, Oxford

Grillmeier, Aloys, Christ in Christian Tradition, WJK

Hovorun, Cyril, Will, Action and Freedom: Christological Controversies in the Seventh Century, Brill

Lang, U.M. John Philoponus and the Controversy over Chalcedon in the Sixth Century: A Study and Translation of the Arbiter, Spicilegium, Sacrum Lovaniense, 47 Peeters

Muller, Richard, Christ and the Decree: Predestination and Christology in Reformed Theology from Calvin to Perkins, Baker

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Verghese, P., ‘The Monothelite Controversy’, Greek Orthodox Theological Review, 13 (1968)


Russell, Norman, The Doctrine of Deification in the Greek Patristic Tradition, Oxford 


Bingham, Steven, Early Christian Attitudes Towards Images, Orthodox Research Institute.

_____________, Epiphanius of Salamis, Doctor of Iconoclasm?: The Deconstruction of a Myth, Orthodox Research Institute.

Chazelle, Celia, The Crucified God in the Carolingian Era: Theology and Art of Christ’s Passion, Cambridge

Noble, Thomas F.X., Images, Iconoclasm and the Carolingians, Univ. of Pennsylvania


O’Connell, Patrick, The Ecclesiology of St. Nicephorus: Pentarchy and Primacy, Pont. Institutum Studiorum Orientalium

Ecclesiastical History 

Albergio, G., Christian Unity: The Council of Ferrara-Florence 1438/9-1989, Leuven

Allen, Pauline, & Jeffreys, Elizabeth, ed., The Sixth Century, End or Begining? Australian Association for Byzantine Studies

Cameron, Averil, Continuity and Change in Sixth Century Byzantium, Variorum

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Stump, P.H., The Reforms of the Counil of Constance, Leiden

Wallace-Hadrill, John Michael, The Frankish Church, Oxford

Patristic Theology

Medieval Theology/Philosophy

Cross, Richard, Duns Scotus on God, Ashgate

Cullen, Christopher M., Bonaventure, Oxford

Hankey, W.J., God in Himself: Aquinas’ Doctrine of God as Expounded in the Suma Theologiae, Oxford

Montagnes, Bernard, The Doctrine of the Analogy of Being According to Thomas Aquinas, Marquette

Whippel, John F., the Metaphysical Thought of thomas Aquinas: From Finite Being to Uncreated Being, CUA


Ancient and Late Antiquity

Armstrong, A.H., “Form, Individual and Person in Plotinus.” Dionysius 1(1977)

____________., “Two Views of Freedom.” Studia Patristica 18 (1982)

Barnes, Jonathan, Porphyry: An Introduction, Oxford

Berchman, Robert M., From Philo to Origen: Middle Platonism in Transition, Scholars Press

Boys-Stones, G. A., Post Hellenistic Philosophy: A Study of its Development from the Stoics to Origen, Oxford

Bradshaw, David, Aristotle East and West: Metaphysics and the Division of Christendom, Oxford

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Dillon, John, Alcinous: The Handbook of Platonism, Oxford

_________, The Middle Platonists, 80 B.C. to A.D. 220,  Rev. Ed., Cornell

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___________, The Cambridge History of Philosophy in Late Antiquity, Cambridge

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Westra, Laura, Plotinus and Freedom: A Meditation on Enneads 6.8, Edwin Mellon Press

 Free Will & Determinism

Robert Kane, The Significance of Free Will, Oxford

Robert Kane, A Contemporary Introduction to Free Will, Oxford

Peter van Inwagen, An Essay on Free Will, Oxford

Timothy O’Connor, ed., Agents, Causes and Events, Oxford 

Gary Watson, ed., Free Will, Oxford

The Problem of Evil

Adams, Marilyn McCord, ed., The Problem of Evil, Oxford

Kvanvig, Jonathan L.,  The Possibility of an All Knowing God, St. Martin’s Press 

Peterson, Michael, ed.,The Problem of Evil: Selected Readings, Univ. Of Notre Dame

Plantinga, Alvin, God, Freedom and Evil 

Swinburne, Richard, Providence and the Problem of Evil, Oxford

van Inwagen, Peter The Problem of Evil, Oxford 


Creel, Richard, Divine Impassibility, Wipf & Stock

Hughes, Christopher, On A Complex Theory of a Simple God: An Investigation of Aquinas’ Doctrine of God, Cornell

Miller, Barry, A Mostly Unlikely God: A Philosophical Enquiry, Notre Dame

Morris, Thomas V., Anselmian Explorations, Notre Dame

Wierenga, Edward, R., The Nature of God: An Inquiry into the Divine Attributes, Cornell

Ethical Theory

Adams, Robert, Finite and Infinite Goods: A Framework for Ethics, Oxford

Dancy, Jonathan, Ethics Without Principles, Oxford

Husrthouse, Rosalind, On Virtue Ethics, Oxford