Blogging Hell: Introduction

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DBH Jumps the shark on his way out of Christianity.

It goes without saying that Hell is a hot topic. It is also one that leaves a lot of people hot under the collar, as well as many other places. Because Universalism has been advanced by well known figures as of late, I am beginning a new series about Hell. I have tried to stay away from this topic because I don’t enjoy writing about Hell but alas, I am unable to escape. And to be sure, Hell is a painful topic for many people or perhaps will be, depending on what I write. Most of what I write will be focused on refuting Universalism and and defending the Christian position. Needless to say some of it will be directed at DBH’s work defending Universalism, though since his work doesn’t offer anything new, other than vocabulary, I aim to engage other sources as well. The series will be interspersed between other posts to help liven things up. Just think of the other posts as a cool reprieve from blogging about Hell.

Because the series is on Hell, it will be one that will continue without end.  This is because beyond Universalism, there are many other topics to discuss related to Hell such as Conditional Immortality/Annihlationalism. What is more, these topics touch on areas of theology, philosophy and church history which are the mainstay of this blog, such as Christology, free will, virtue theory and many more. And of course, how could it be a series about Hell if it had an end?

The thrust of the series will be on illustrating the ways in which Universalism fails to provide a resolution to the problem of evil, of which the problem of Hell is but an instance. As I will argue, Universalism only provides a pseudo answer and makes the problem of evil worse, along with transporting its adherents to a doxastic domain outside the apostolic deposit of the Faith.

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  1. Amen, it also undermines the significance of human free will which St John of Damascus considers so central to orthodoxy that he has more than 6 chapters on it!


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